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WiSE - Wireless Security

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You can download latest version WiSE software in this section. This is a security program for the protection and monitoring of wireless networks (WLAN) from the invaders. WISE is a security
The program is free to try for 14 days and / or purchase, and thus get full support and upgrades to new versions. The license is issued for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Alternative archive to download (ZIP) DOWNLOAD
Windows UAC: You need to run program as administrator to use full potencial of software.

Program WiSE

GUI screenshots WiSE 2.1:

WiSE 2.1 functions and properties:

Software is monitoring all wireless traffic in your wireless network. You can see, who is connected to your wifi and using your internet connection. Software prevents from data steal by users connected to same network and network attacks aswell.

  • Runs on all types of network cards and AP (Access points)
  • Software is independent on internet connections. (It runs on intranet too)
  • Minimum requirements for network traffic and CPU usage
  • Automatically detects best encryption for network
  • Automatically finds used network adapter
  • Automatic software updates
  • User friendly GUI (graphical user interface)
  • MAC address change function
  • Wifi network passwords/keys storage
  • Network traffic statistics
  • Anonymous access using proxy network
Newcoming functions:
  • Firewall setup.
  • Automatic AP configuration.
  • Block clients from your site.

TRIAL license

Try our TRIAL version for 14 days! Press the TRY button in program to start trial period.

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"Most of wireless network users dont know, who is connected to same network. This are many security risks like infiltration, packet attacks etc... Safe yourself!”