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GUIDE: Credit card licence payment.

Credit card payment via PayPal.
  1. When the Paypal webpage is loaded, press the "Pay with your debit or credit card.." button (like on the picture below)
  2. When the form appears fill all mandatory fields like on the picture below (mandatory fields are marked with red tex "Please enter a valid ..."):
    • Card Number
    • Expiration Date
    • CSC == Last 3 numbers from back side of the card
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Adress line == Not mandatory. You can type "none".
    • City == Not mandatory. You can type "none".
    • Telephone == Not mandatory. You can type "123456789".
    • Email
  3. Press button "Review and continue" like on the picture below:
  4. The final payment review appears. Press "Pay Now" button like on the picture below:
  5. When payment is finished - press "Return to koubekjan@gmail.com" button
  6. If your browser doesn't support automatic redirect, you can redirect manually back to www.wifisecurity.cz webpage using link "click here".
“If you choose credit card payment method, you will get your WiSe license immediately.”