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Securing and monitoring your Wi-Fi site by WiSE tool is perfect solution for you!

Unique tool WiSE

If you use WiSE tool, you will be able to monitor your wireless site very easy and secure way. And also block any clients access to your private Wi-fi site. By using WiSE tool with "other clients isolation fuction" turned on you improving your data and even PC security. This utility is good to use on public places. You can buy program WiSE from your home in section Products. Of course you can download and use only Trial version for 14 days absolutely free!

Why use WiSE?

  • You will get user-friendly tool for improve your wireless security including monitoring tool. You dont need professional experience in IT to use WiSe !
  • It works on all types of network cards and access points (AP).
  • Automatically finds the best type of encryption in network.
  • It uses minimal network bandwith and CPU time when more than 50 clients connected!
  • WiSe is compatible on x86 and x64 versions of OS Windows (from Windows XP Service Pack 2 higher)
  • ...

Unknown hostin home or company network is very dangerous!

According to an independent survey uses a foreign wireless connection to access the internet over 55% of users !!
There is a potencional risk to lose your sensitive data on your PC while the foreign user uses your Internet connection and is connected to your network. Your connection also gives the attacker complete anonymity while committing a variety of crimes          or downloading illegal data. In addition you are downloading files from the Internet can prepare the data limits (with FUP)!

"Due to the global spread of Wi-Fi networks is necessary to ensure their safety. All security methods used in these times are still weak!"”